Change happens. To succeed in today’s business environment, organisations need to be able to quickly identify and monitor key workforce metrics. OrgChart solutions help companies with workforce planning initiatives including creation of project teams, reorganisations, reductions in force, mergers & acquisitions and even break ups and spin-offs.

Whether reorganising a department or opening a new plant, OrgChart gives you increased depth of knowledge of your organisation, plus the power to see trends, identify gaps, etc., allowing you to create dynamic planning scenarios

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Key features include:

HR Metrics Integration

OrgChart provides seamless integration of metrics and charting.

Secure Planning & Sharing

You can securely create plans and communicate them to appropriate audiences at the right time.

Drag & Drop Tools

These time-saving tools let you graphically restructure your org charts – even in real-time with key stakeholders.

Plan Multiple Scenarios

OrgChart gives you the ability to model multiple scenarios, then refine and compare them to explore “what if?” possibilities.

Workforce Planning Products

OrgChart Now

OrgChart Now

Manage your workforce with the ultimate flexibility with our powerful cloud based platform.

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OrgChart Platinum

OrgChart Platinum

Experience intelligent data driven org charts and talent and workforce visualisations.

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OrgChart Enterprise

OrgChart Enterprise

Fully leverage data connectivity and chart automation tasks with enterprise security.

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