Easily Share an Interactive Org Chart

OfficeWork Software works with companies that chart just 100 employees to those that number over 750,000. Having an org chart presentation ready at a moment notice shouldn’t be an overwhelming responsibility or time consuming task. Organisational charting software makes it easy to get both the big picture, or to zone in on a specific department of your organisation, as needed.

Easily Share an Interactive Org Chart

Navigation Using Interactive PDF

With OrgChart Now you can incorporate the entire organization on a single document. Our clients love the interactive PDF format which allows clicking through the chart to reveal connecting departments.

HR professionals will often be called upon to publish or present just a segment of the organisation such as a specific department or geography. This can be done with ease by exporting to PDF or PowerPoint with a single click on the Export menu.

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Export PDF

There’s also SharePoint Integration. So as the HR data in your system updates the chart overnight, those changes are reflected in your chart, either within an internal file and/or the company’s intranet. So most of the time there’s really no need to go into the tool unless the team is looking at some specific analytics, adding information manually or planning collaboratively.

Still getting lost in your chart? Use the search function to find a specific employee by name and be taken to that subchart of the department where they sit.

Employee Search

With Advanced Search, use multiple qualifiers (such as title and department) to quickly find the talent you’re looking for.

Advanced Search

Org charts have always been a great way for new employees to navigate an organisation and understand the roles and reporting relationships of each contributor. Using an automated solution, such as OrgChart Now, which connects directly to the HRIS system you currently use, means the stakeholders of your company are always getting the most accurate, up-to-date information from their charts.

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